“A Dog with a Bad Reputation: Unjustly Abandoned at the Shelter”

A Corgi Pitbull-Terrier-mix litter was born due to the actions of a backyard breeder who was not responsible. Unfortunately, two of the puppies were not healthy. One of them, Pablo, was weak, while the other, Picasso, had a crooked jaw caused by a facial deformity.

The breeder was shocked by the sight of Picasso’s “unpleasant” appearance and hastily left him at a kil.l shelter with Pablo. Despite his physical imperfections, the dog remained optimistic that someone would recognize his genuine and affectionate nature.

It’s downright cruel to label him as unpleasant and disgusting! He’s a living creature and has no control over his appearance. He’s attractive and deserves the affectionate home he’s found!! It’s truly disheartening that his previous awful owner couldn’t see the appeal of this adorable pup’s face!!

Liesl Wilhardt, a lady who runs a tiny rescue called “Luvable Dog Rescue,” takes care of them! Liesl is committed to assisting dogs with handicaps.

Picasso and his furry companion Pablo settled into their new home with 9 other rescue dogs. However, their happiness was short-lived as Pablo passed away due to a brain aneurysm. This devastating event left Picasso in a state of depression for several months.

Fortunately, Picasso found solace in becoming a certified therapy dog for individuals with disabilities. He dedicated himself to providing comfort and support to those in need, and this newfound purpose helped him overcome his sadness.

Nowadays, Picasso is far from the abandoned puppy he once was. He has found his place among his pack, endured the loss of a dear friend, and discovered his true calling as a therapy dog. Despite facing numerous obstacles, Picasso has persevered like a true survivor and serves as a beacon of hope for people during their darkest days.

It’s important to show love and care towards all animals as they are valuable creatures. We should aim to ensure they are healthy and happy with the love they deserve. Neglecting them will lead to negative consequences. Spread awareness by sharing this heartwarming story with your loved ones!

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