A Glimpse into the Life of the Beloved “12 Cats Lady” and Her Furry Persian Companions.

Meet Michelle, a cat mom who lives in Japan and takes care of 12 Persian cats. Despite having such a large family of felines, she manages to feed them all without anyone’s help. Michelle shares pictures of her adorable cats on her Instagram page called “12 Cats Lady”. Her journey started when she rescued one abandoned kitten that was wet and freezing from the middle of the road. Later, she decided to adopt two more Persian beauties, and the other nine are their children from the same litter. However, all of them are spayed and neutered now, so there is no chance of having more kitties.

As you can see from the pictures, all 12 cats have strong personalities and are very needy. Michelle loves all her cats and calls herself a “cat mom” instead of a “crazy cat lady”. She hopes to break the stereotypes associated with being a cat lady. To capture the perfect shot of all 12 cats looking at the camera, Michelle shows them their favorite toy made from feathers. Scroll down to enjoy the adorable pictures and don’t forget to share them with your friends and family!

It’s important for them to have a good meal before a photo shoot.

Two times

Another great tip is to treat your loved ones with their preferred snacks or goodies.

Afterwards, the cats stick to their regular routine of taking an afternoon nap on their owner’s bed.

Sometimes, it’s okay to strike a pose.

During breaks in photo shoots, some games are enjoyed.

Another hour of relaxation is also available.

Let’s take a brief stroll in the garden and keep our eyes peeled for any feathered friends that might come into view!

Once complete, it’s time to get back to the grind of creating models.

Afterwards, the feline friends browse through the feedback left by their followers on Instagram. To add to their excitement, they also tally the total number of likes they have received!

Being a famous cat can be quite challenging, but you’ll do anything for your beloved owner.


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