“A Heartbreaking Encounter with a Pain-Stricken Pit Bull with a Massive Tumor”

When Libby, a 5-year-old pit bull, arrived at The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County, the staff was immediately drawn to her affectionate nature. However, they couldn’t overlook the massive tumor on her front leg. An examination and X-ray confirmed their fears that Libby had cancer. The tumor was located in the bone of her upper right leg and caused severe inflammation, leaving her leg swollen to the size of a volleyball. The shelter documented this heartbreaking story.

In order to save her life, the only solution for Libby was to undergo a leg amputation procedure. However, the kind-hearted community was moved by her story and generously contributed towards her treatment. With the assistance of experienced medical professionals at Blue Pearl, her right leg and 10-pound tumor were successfully removed. During her recovery period, she managed to touch the heart of one of the veterinary technicians who helped care for her. Recently, the shelter announced the amazing news that Libby has finally found her forever home. Despite knowing about Libby’s aggressive bone cancer diagnosis and the possibility that her time on earth may be limited, the veterinary technician who witnessed Libby’s loving nature decided to adopt her.

Wiggles, previously known as Libby, has finally found her forever home where she is cherished and taken care of by her new family. Despite the name change, Wiggles’ playful personality remains intact and she adores spending time with her human and furry siblings. She enjoys snuggling on the couch with a warm blanket for a nap. According to her new mom, Wiggles’ eyes show an inherent desire for love and security, which made it impossible not to provide her with the affection and support she deserves.

In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of pets requiring medical attention. As the largest animal shelter intake location in Washington State, we witness some of the most heart-wrenching cases of animal abuse and neglect. This summer has been particularly challenging, as each day brings more innocent animals to our doorstep, filling our kennels and overwhelming our resources.

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