“Against All Odds: The Remarkable 12-Year Bond Between a Lynx and a Cat”

The Leningrad Zoo used to be the most impressive zoo in the USSR, and it still retains its reputation today. This zoo is known for its surprising events, such as an unlikely friendship between a lynx and an ordinary cat that visitors were able to witness in an open-air cage.

The story behind this friendship is both ordinary and extraordinary. In 2007, the zoo obtained a young lynx named Linda. They faced a dilemma since it wasn’t appropriate for Linda to exist alone or in an adult enclosure. After consulting with zoologists, they opted to place her in an outdoor cage with Dusya, a two-month-old domesticated kitten.

Cats have unique personalities. Linda has grown to appreciate being alone and independent, while Dusya craves human attention and affection.

Over time, Dusya gradually started spending more time in her own enclosure, leaving Linda behind. Despite their contrasting personalities, they have managed to coexist harmoniously for years, preferring each other’s company to solitude. In fact, they seem grateful for the companionship they provide each other.

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