Assist Adorable Feline with Broken Jaw Receive Essential Oral Surgery

A volunteer from Rescue Pets of Florida discovered a 5-month-old kitten that was barely surviving. The poor animal arrived at the rescue center with a fractured jaw and unable to open her mouth to eat. Given the name Lena, the kitten weighed just 1.8 pounds and was rushed to the emergency clinic for a thorough examination. Despite feeling pain and hunger, Lena continued to purr throughout the treatment like she knew she was going to receive the help she needed.

A Florida-based animal rescue organization recently shared an update on Lena, a rescued cat who is full of energy and loves to purr. However, Lena has a serious medical condition that requires reconstructive oral surgery which will cost more than $5,000. Without treatment, her jaw could fuse shut and she would be unable to eat. The rescue organization has turned to Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical fund for help in covering the cost of Lena’s surgery. Thankfully, her prognosis for a full recovery is good, and once she is fully healed, she will be put up for adoption. The rescue organization is confident that with her friendly nature, Lena will quickly find a loving family to call her own and will be an indoor cat for the rest of her days. Your continued support makes it possible for the Emergency Animal Medical fund to assist shelter pets like Lena in dire need of medical care.

If your beloved pet is receiving critical care through an Emergency Animal Medical grant, they might not be ready for adoption until they finish their treatment. To know more about adopting a specific animal, it’s recommended to check the shelter’s website first as it has the most recent information on available pets and adoption policies. You can visit Rescue Pets of Florida’s website to view the pets up for adoption. We appeal for your support in achieving our target of $5,200 to help Lena recover from her jaw injury. Your contribution will not only motivate her to keep fighting but will also assist in covering her continuous medical expenses.

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