“Breathtaking Shades of Bougainvillea Pink Pixie: A Visual Treat”

The Pink Pixie paper flower, scientifically known as Bougainvillea glabra ‘Pink Pixie’, belongs to the Nyctaginaceae family. Unlike its huge tropical vine counterparts, this flower is a dwarf form that adds a pop of bright color to bonsai gardens. It hails from the Philippines and thrives in sunny environments. Its unique feature is the short distance between nodes on its stems.

The unique characteristic of ‘Pink Pixie’ is that its flowers and leaves are closely clustered, unlike other bougainvillea hybrids. The small but striking pink blooms are surrounded by dense, dull yellow-green leaves. The pink bracts, which are specialized leaves, have evolved to attract pollinators to the actual flowers that are white and tubular, attracting hummingbirds.

The tall and bushy shrub has many branches and can grow up to 2-4 feet in height and 2-3 feet in width in USDA Zones 10 and 11. It thrives when exposed to full sunlight and grown in well-drained soil that is relatively dry. It should be planted with caution as its roots are sensitive and it does not transplant well once it’s been planted. This species is perfect for small, sunny areas like patios and containers.

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