“Desperate Pet Parent Ready to Sell House to Cover £20,000 Vet Costs and Save Beloved Dog’s Life”

When his beloved Weimaraner Rambo wasn’t behaving like her usual active self, Jaxon Feeley, a prison officer and motivational podcast host, became worried. He has a deep affection for both his Weimaraner dogs, Rambo and Rocky, but when he learned that Rambo may need up to £20,000 worth of veterinary treatment to save her life, he was determined to do anything to help her. As a breed known for being energetic and full of life, Jaxon knew something was amiss with Rambo and was determined to get her the care she needed.

Jaxon was carefully watching Rambo and noticed that she had vomited more than 30 times throughout the night. Concerned about her health, Rambo was taken to an emergency vet in the morning. The vet diagnosed her with a stomach flu that later developed into hypovolemic shock. This condition is extremely critical as it causes severe blood or fluid loss, leading to the heart being unable to pump enough blood to the body. Unfortunately, Rambo’s health deteriorated rapidly, and she also developed pulmonary edema, which meant that fluid was draining into her lungs. According to Feeley, who shared the news, the vet said that Rambo had been unlucky with what had happened to her. Although the initial cause is still unknown, Rambo is now under 24/7 observation in intensive care.

As the veterinarians closely monitored Rambo, the bills started to accumulate rapidly. The poor cat required frequent draining of fluids from her lungs and her prognosis was not promising. On top of that, the vet suspected that she might have developed an abscess on her lung, necessitating an expensive surgery. To make matters worse, Rambo’s insurance coverage, which had a limit of £6500 ($A11,300), was already exceeded with a bill of £11,500 ($A20,000) after just one week of care. The duration of Rambo’s treatment is still uncertain, and the cost for intensive care alone amounts to roughly £1000 ($A1740) per day.

Jaxon was worried about the increasing bills he had to pay for his beloved dog, Rambo. Despite his financial struggles, he was determined to do whatever it takes to save his furry friend, even if it meant selling his home in Greater Manchester. Jaxon and Rocky would sleep in their car to be close to the vet’s surgery so that Rambo wouldn’t have to suffer alone. He visited her multiple times a day to provide comfort and let her know he was nearby.

In the hope of getting support from others to cover Rambo’s medical expenses, Jaxon created a GoFundMe campaign on January 27th. The campaign quickly gained momentum and was able to raise an astounding £32,540 from 2300 donations. This was made possible by the kind-hearted and sympathetic individuals who were touched by Jaxon and Rambo’s situation.

After a harrowing ordeal, Rambo’s health started improving miraculously. On February 4th, Feeley shared an update that Rambo had been discharged and was now back at home. In the past few days, Rambo’s oxygen efficiency had improved, she had started eating and drinking, her lungs were gradually recovering, and her delightful personality had begun to emerge once again. After conducting a battery of tests and evaluating her remarkable progress, the veterinary team was amazed by the incredible power of love, presence, and determination to survive. Jaxon expressed his gratitude and relief that Rambo had recovered and was now safe at home.

Rambo has been released from the hospital and can now go home with her father. However, Feeley mentioned that even though she has shown improvement, her recovery process is still going to be long. She will need constant supervision and medication for now. The owner expressed his appreciation for all the help he and his dog received during their difficult time. He stated that he couldn’t find words to describe how thankful he is for everyone’s support, love, and generosity over the last two weeks. The dogs have saved his life countless times, and he is committed to doing everything he can to save theirs. He concluded by saying thank you to everyone from the bottom of his heart.

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