Discover the Adorable Dog with Fluffy Mickey Mouse-Like Ears

Isn’t it amazing how the combination of two different dog breeds can create a totally adorable and distinctive pet? One recent example is a furry companion that has captured the hearts of many online, thanks to its oversize ears that resemble Mickey Mouse’s. Meet Goma, a charming dog breed that stands out among the popular choices such as labradoodles, goldendoodles, cockapoos, and puggles. With its unique appearance, Goma has gained a huge following on the internet.

Allow me to introduce you to Goma, a one-of-a-kind hybrid dog that’s a mix of Maltese and Papillon breeds. What sets her apart are her endearing ears that resemble sesame seeds, making her look extra adorable. With her charming looks, Goma has garnered a massive following of 75,000 fans on Instagram. She even made it to the pages of Vogue after gaining popularity in America. Fans affectionately call her the “Mickey Mouse dog” because of her distinct appearance. Goma’s loving owners started an Instagram account for her when she turned two years old in April 2016. They share delightful snapshots of their furry friend dressed up in cute outfits every few days for their followers to enjoy.

One quick look at her and it’s easy to see why she’s the center of attention! Her irresistible charisma has won over the hearts of numerous fans…

The ears of Goma are incredibly cute and charming, resembling the ears of Mickey Mouse or a koala bear. It’s no surprise that we can’t resist being drawn to them!

Goma, a cheerful pup, lives with her affectionate masters in Tokyo, Japan. She is thrilled to go on city adventures while being snuggled up in a comfortable backpack.

The caretakers of the lady have a habit of dressing her up in cute and charming outfits, like this trendy kimono.

Nonetheless, even with solely her soft and snowy coat, she exudes a charm that is simply irresistible.

She has won the hearts of countless people and her popularity only seems to be on the rise. Her Instagram following alone boasts more than 109,000 fans, with new ones joining the ranks every day.

The charm of this cute face is absolutely captivating, and we never seem to tire of it!

In case you were wondering, her tail is exceptionally fluffy and cute.

Seems like this pup got lucky with a perfect mix of qualities from both breeds! What stands out are her perky ears that resemble those of a Papillion, while still maintaining a rounded shape like a Maltese.

She shines beautifully no matter where she stands, even amidst the stunning landscapes of Japan’s famous cherry blossom trees.

Goma is truly amazing with how composed and cooperative she is when being photographed. Her ability to strike a pose is definitely deserving of praise. Hello!

Due to her petite build, she possesses remarkable adaptability and can conveniently journey to multiple locations.

Her presence exudes a delightful aura that uplifts the mood of people around her, wherever she may be.

We absolutely love this sweet little girl. Her mesmerizing eyes, adorable ears, and cute face leave us speechless!

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