Encountering an Unusual Scene: A Lady Finds Someone Curled Up Beside an Empty Bag at Work

Upon arriving at the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) one morning in June, Rebecca Van Schepen encountered a furry and desperate-looking canine sitting outside the shelter’s door. Later named Cowboy, the injured dog was lying on an Amazon delivery bag and tried to get up to greet Van Schepen, who discovered that his leg was badly hurt. Security footage revealed that Cowboy had been abandoned outside the shelter around 7:30 p.m. the previous night and had waited for over 11 hours before being found by Van Schepen.

According to Ally Duncan, KHS’s PR and marketing coordinator, the security camera footage demonstrated that the dog did not budge from the Amazon delivery package throughout the night. Despite his wounds, the dog had eyes filled with optimism and was excited to snuggle up in Rebecca’s lap for affection when she arrived.

Despite experiencing excruciating pain, Cowboy did not allow this to hinder him from expressing his gratitude towards his newfound friends at the shelter who rescued him. Regrettably, his leg was severely injured beyond repair, which led the veterinary team to perform an urgent amputation. Though the staff were apprehensive about how Cowboy would react to losing a limb, he proved to be remarkably tenacious.
Upon completing the operation, Cowboy was instructed to rest in his crate for a few days to ensure that his stitches healed correctly. Shortly after, the team noticed a significant shift in his disposition. Incredibly, Cowboy adjusted to living with three legs with ease, and it didn’t seem to faze him at all.

While staying at the shelter, Cowboy received a lot of love and care from his newfound friends, and he made sure to enjoy every moment of it. Despite his difficult past, the adorable pup was able to bounce back in no time, which amazed everyone who knew him.
According to Duncan, Cowboy was an outgoing and friendly animal who loved to cuddle and play with anyone he met. Whenever he was around, he brought happiness and positivity to the people he interacted with. In short, Cowboy was a ray of sunshine in an otherwise mundane environment!

After being adopted, Cowboy is now enjoying his new life in his forever home and his family adores him. His new family cannot imagine their life without Cowboy and they are glad that he found his happy ending. According to Duncan, Cowboy’s new family said that he fits perfectly into their family like a missing puzzle piece. Everyone is elated that Cowboy was able to find his perfect home with their help. Share this heartwarming story of Cowboy’s journey with your loved ones.

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