Feline Maternal Instinct: Protective Cat Keeps Kittens Warm at Schoolyard Until Help Comes

A high school student named Ezra discovered a cat with three adorable kittens in the schoolyard of Lucero Elementary School, located in the Bronx. The mother cat was extremely cautious and protective of her little ones, ensuring that they were always close to her. To keep them warm, she resorted to using an old mat she found lying around. The kittens appeared to be safe and sound, thanks to their devoted mom.

Ezra, aware of the dropping temperatures, reached out to Little Wanderers NYC, seeking their assistance.

Stephanie Tulien, the President of Little Wanderers, shared that despite being already swamped with rescue operations, they couldn’t ignore this particular one. They were even more concerned knowing that a snowstorm was looming. Fortunately, two Little Wanderers volunteers, Camey and Frank, were quick to respond and lend a hand.

In an effort to rescue a family of cats, compassionate individuals utilized humane traps and displayed remarkable patience. After waiting for nearly a whole day, they were able to safely transport the mother cat, Scarlett, and her kittens to safety, ultimately saving four precious lives. The feline family was provided with necessary medical attention, specifically for their kitty colds.

Little Wanderers recently shared a heartening update on Instagram about a mother cat and her kittens being saved from a school yard in the Bronx. The organization entrusted Camey with fostering the feline family to help them begin their recovery journey.

After reuniting in a cozy bed, Mama Scarlett nestled her kittens under her body and purred contentedly. With the knowledge that her babies were safe and cared for, she could finally let go of her worries and unwind. As a result, she found more time to spend with her human companions and bask in the luxurious lifestyle of being adored and pampered.

After being rescued, Mama Scarlett and her two kittens (Lenny and Moe) have found their forever homes. However, the rescue organization is still looking for a loving family to adopt little Cayleigh in time for the holidays. Stephanie, a member of the rescue team, expressed gratitude for being able to save four precious lives. She highlighted the importance of direct rescue services in the fight against animal abandonment and homelessness.

Thanks to the assistance of both the scholars and rescuers, these felines will have the chance to relish a cozy festive period with an affectionate household instead of enduring the chilly weather on the pavements of New York.
“We are creating a difference together.”

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