“Furry bundles of joy: Watch these tiny kittens light up with excitement at mealtime!”

When Sam Mannell first became a foster parent for SPCA New Zealand, she was excited to witness the growth and development of a litter of kittens. Watching them experience all their firsts was something she looked forward to. The tiny 3-week-old kittens were still trying to make sense of their environment and everything around them.

Mannell informed The Dodo that these adorable creatures are currently being bottle-fed and although they may be a bit reserved, they have already started to play. There are four in total, including a timid grey one, a feisty cream female, an independent ginger lad, and a black one with human-like tendencies.

The kittens have been having a blast exploring Mannell’s house and recently stumbled upon her couch. They were joyfully scurrying around on it, but eventually grew tired from all the excitement and dozed off together. While they were sleeping, Mannell took advantage of the moment and grabbed a snack. Unfortunately, the sound of her opening a chocolate bar woke up all four kittens in an instant.

As soon as the sound of the chocolate wrapper being unwrapped reached their ears, all the kittens popped open their eyes. Despite their young age, they seemed to have a good grasp of what food sounds like. The felines watched the chocolate intently, hoping it was meant for them, until they realized that Mannel wasn’t going to be sharing it with them.

As per Mannel’s statement, the little ones went back to snooze mode in no time. This allowed Mannel to relish her snack and some much-needed alone time before the kiddos woke up and continued with their adventure. This information was sourced from lovemeowbark.com.

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