Gazing at the Majestic Moon: A Captivating Shot of a Giant Eye Amidst a Desert’s Rock Arch

Towards the end of October, Zach Cooley, a photographer, visited Arches National Park in Utah where he captured an ethereal sight. He took photographs of a full moon that appeared to be framed by the North Windows Arch, creating the illusion of a giant eye in the sky. The stunning visual was so perfectly captured in single-exposure pictures that it almost seems unreal.

According to Cooley, his impressive photographs reflect a significant amount of planning on his part. He explains that capturing moon photos like the one in question involves extensive planning, which he accomplished using multiple specialized photography apps such as PlanIt!, The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE), and PhotoPills.

Positioning oneself accurately at the right moment is crucial. Achieving precise alignment requires standing in the exact spot, and even a few steps in the wrong direction can cause you to miss the target. Cooley felt nervous as the moment approached, wondering if he was in the correct position. He was overjoyed when it appeared that he was and knew he could execute the planned shot.

For Cooley, the fascination with capturing Earth’s satellite has been long-standing. He recalls a memory from when digital cameras were still relatively new, and his dad attempted to take a photo of the full moon directly above them. Unfortunately, the photo didn’t turn out well, and it ended up being just a white disc without any details that we can see with our eyes. This is something that many people today do with their cell phones as well.

When Ope Cooley began his photography career, he made it a priority to learn how to capture stunning images of the moon. According to Cooley, the moon is not something we typically see in our everyday lives. While many people may watch sunsets or sunrises, witnessing the moon as it rises above the horizon or sets and touches the landscape is often overlooked. Through captivating shots like the “eye” at Arches National Park, Cooley provides a powerful reminder of the marvels of our moon.

Check out these amazing photos from his visit:

Cooley’s main focus is capturing stunning photos of the moon through his photography work.

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