Gorgeous Garden Treasures: Exploring 16 Trendy Types of Decorative Cabbage.

Why not add some variety to your garden by incorporating non-floral elements? One option is to explore the world of ornamental cabbages, which offer a range of captivating colors. For example, the Color-Up Pink cabbage is sure to catch your eye with its stunning hue.

One of the most popular varieties of ornamental cabbage is the Color-Up Pink, which features a mint-green color with a bright pink center and grows in an upright position. Another popular option is the Pigeon White ornamental cabbage.

The Pigeon White decorative cabbages are a stunning addition to any garden, boasting a creamy white center. However, they can be easily damaged by pesky garden pests. To avoid this, it’s best to plant them in soil that has been enriched with manure. Moving on to another variety, we have the Osaka Red cabbage.

This stunning cabbage type takes the second spot on the list with its eye-catching magenta core and lovely purple leaf ring. It’s called Rose Bouquet and definitely deserves some attention.

The Rose Bouquet is a charming plant that can be used for container gardening or mass planting, thanks to its wavy leaves and delicate pink heart. To ensure its growth, it’s important to add ample amounts of composted manure to the soil.

If you want to create a stunning visual display, then consider planting around 8-10 of these ornamental cabbages together. Additionally, there are red and white varieties of the Condor cabbage that have pink centers. Another beautiful type of decorative cabbage is the Tokyo Pink.

Tokyo cabbage is similar to other cabbages but has a unique splash of color. Its leaves are known for forming a dense and compact core, making it a popular choice for cooking. The cabbage’s shade is often described as pigeon red.

Moving on to another type of ornamental cabbage, we have the Pigeon Red variety. Its exterior is visually appealing with a combination of green leaves, white veins, and a pink core. Next up is the Tokyo Red variety.

The Coral Prince cabbage is another superb option that boasts a flawlessly circular and dense core head, which has a vibrant pink hue in the center and is surrounded by blue-green leaves.

The lovely plant that features a heart-shaped blossom has leaves that resemble feathers due to the deep notches, and also have a lacƴ appearance because of the deep incisions. This specific type is known as the Glamour Red.

Glamour Red is a stunning ornamental cabbage that catches the eye with its glossy, fringed leaves and numerous accolades. What sets it apart is the lack of wax on the leaves, which gives it a sleek and vibrant look.

The purple leaves of the White Kamome plant are adorned with lively magenta veins, adding a pop of color to any garden. This beautiful plant can grow up to 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide, making it a striking addition to any outdoor space.

As the autumn sun casts its warm glow, the charming cabbage varieties come to life with their striking white cores and ruffled leaves in dark green-white hues. One such variety that stands out is the Coral Queen.

During the winter season, the Coral Queen plant showcases a beautiful lace-like appearance with its magenta flower centers, deep purple incised leaves, and crimson veins. The frilly and decorative leaves add to its stunning display. This natural beauty can be found in Nagoya, Japan.

The Nagoƴa cabbage is a stunning decorative plant that comes in various hues, including pink, lavender, yellowish-green, and creamy white. Its crinkled leaves are compactly arranged in a rosette shape, making it an eye-catching addition to any garden.

Pairing the White Peacock’s purple-green foliage with lighter plants makes for a stunning addition to any garden. The creamy white to deep magenta flower heads add a pop of color that is sure to catch the eye.

This final cabbage type on our list is quite a looker, beloved for its eye-catching white veins that pop against the green leaves.

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