Heartbreaking Elephant Incident: Majestic Animal Tragically Killed in Train Collision

These heart-wrenching images showcase the lifeless body of a tusked elephant who tragically passed away after being struck by a high-speed train in West Bengal. The fully grown elephant was hit by a train in a forest located at the Buxa Tiger Reserve, just a few miles away from Alipurduar in Northeast India. Unfortunately, the speeding passenger train, known as the Guwahati-bound Somporkkranti Express, collided with the elephant as it was crossing the railway line, resulting in its instant death.

A saddening view can be seen on the railway track where a tusked elephant’s lifeless body lays, tragically hit by a fast-moving passenger train.

The collision mentioned here was fatal, and it involved a male Asian elephant. Only males of this species have tusks, making it clear that the deceased animal was an adult male. This incident occurred within the Buxa National Park, which is situated along India’s border with Bhutan and serves as an international corridor for elephant migration between the two countries. As a result, it is a dangerous area for train drivers. Indian forest guards are now faced with the challenging task of removing the massive animal from the tracks so that train services can resume. Unfortunately, this kind of incident is not uncommon, as five elephants were killed just last December in Orissa after being struck by a passenger train.

As they guided their herd across the railroad tracks, there was a group of around 26,000 wild elephants roaming throughout India. Despite being a sacred animal in Indian culture, the increasing loss of their natural habitat has made them vulnerable, especially when traveling across the country. Last year, the state of Orissa in eastern India issued a warning for trains to slow down due to a moving herd of elephants, but it appears that the warning was ignored. Additionally, check out the story about a python who swallowed a hedgehog and suffered the consequences.

Elephant deaths are primarily caused by various factors such as poaching, consuming poisoned crops from farmers, and being struck by trains. Recently, India’s Rail Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal emphasized the importance of safeguarding these gentle giants from trains as they are crucial to protect their lives.

The enormous elephant was knocked onto its back and the damage caused by the collision is clearly evident on the front of the train.

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