Heartwarming Tale of a Devoted Mother Dog’s Heroic Efforts to Protect Her Puppies from Impending Rainstorm

Desperate Sick Mother Dog Helps Us to Save Her Puppies Before Rainstorm

February 24 was a day of turmoil for our country. The Russian Federation launched a full-scale war against us, causing explosions and destruction all around. Many families had to flee the country, leaving behind their beloved pets on the streets.

But for those of us who stayed behind, we couldn’t let these innocent animals fend for themselves. We continued to feed stray dogs and rescue as many furry friends as we could.

One particular rescue mission stood out to us. A sick mother dog was desperately trying to protect her puppies before an impending rainstorm. We knew we had to act fast to save them before they were washed away.

With the help of some kind-hearted volunteers, we were able to safely extract the puppies from their precarious hiding place and bring them to a secure location. The mother dog, although visibly weak, was grateful for our intervention in saving her babies.

This heartwarming rescue is just one example of the many furry friends that need our help during this difficult time in our country. We ask that you please pray for Ukraine and for us, as we continue to protect and care for these animals amidst the chaos.
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