Heartwarming Video: Devoted Golden Retriever Cares For Pregnant Mate And Welcomes Adorable Pups

Hey dads, do you remember how you took care of your partner during her pregnancy? Of course, you do! Those moments where you had to run errands while being responsible for the house and all the chores. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

While some husbands may grumble about not being as lucky, many will always share this popular video of a golden retriever caring for his partner during childbirth.

The Golden Retrievers in question gained a lot of popularity online. Initially, they were spotted napping next to each other. However, as soon as one of the dogs woke up, it hurried over to the AC switch and increased the temperature.

Next, he grabs a small bowl with his mouth and heads towards the kitchen. Once there, he places the bowl in the sink and uses his paw to turn on the faucet. With a sense of great satisfaction, he happily walks back to his companion.

After finishing her drink, he grabbed the leash to take his pregnant dog for a mandatory training session to keep her fit. However, instead of going to the park with their owner, the dog chewed on the leash and joined her mate. This gave the opportunity for the male dog to run other errands while the dogs exercised. Later on, the male dog even went into the kitchen to help his partner prepare dinner.

The chicken, fish, shrimp, and vegetables look amazing. The father dog is lending a helping hand to his owner by cleaning up, even taking out the trash. He’s also a gentleman during dinner time as he lets his mate fill up first despite being famished from all the work. After all, she’s eating for their puppies too. However, when he asked her for a run after dinner, something unexpected happened. His wife suggested staying at home.

Next, the birthing process began and the furry parents were quick to prepare a cozy nest for their soon-to-be born puppies. They transformed their once private room into a welcoming home for the new family. One by one, the little puppies made their way into the world with the help of their caring mother and father. The owners made sure to carefully clean each puppy before allowing them to nurse from their mother. To ensure the mother’s comfort during this time, they provided her with easily digestible food. The proud retriever even took on the role of a doting dad. In the end, they welcomed seven healthy puppies into their family, each sporting a bright and unique collar like a rainbow.

Once again, the male dog is back to doing his duties. But this time, he’s not only taking care of one pup. He’s now responsible for his partner and their offspring. However, we trust that this kind-hearted dog will handle the task well, given the exceptional care he showed in the past. You can witness this loving golden retriever look after his entire family in the video provided below. Don’t forget to share this heartwarming moment with your loved ones.

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