Incredible Canine Walks Into Police Station to Self-Report as Lost

If you ever find yourself lost and in need of help, you can always turn to the police officers for assistance. Similarly, when Chico, a clever dog, lost his owner, he knew where to go to seek help. He walked straight into the Odessa Police Department located in Texas and reported his problem like a well-behaved pooch. It may seem unbelievable, but this intelligent canine knew exactly what to do.

On the morning of February 11, police officers were surprised to receive an unanticipated guest. A courteous young lad casually entered the police station and climbed onto the front counter. He politely placed his paws on the desk and informed them of his problem – he seemed to have gone missing from his family and needed assistance.

Sergeant Rusty Martin and his fellow officers welcomed the dog with open arms when he arrived. Despite losing his former status, the dog didn’t seem bothered at all. In fact, the officers suspected that he might have been interested in applying for a K-9 position after dealing with a Lassie-like situation. The precious pooch was showered with affection and attention by everyone at the station. They even played with him using a tennis ball in the lobby. Sergeant Martin happily recounted how thrilled they all were to have the dog around.

Although I had a great time with Chico, it was time for me to give him back to his owners. However, this task proved to be quite challenging as I couldn’t find his ID tag, which must have fallen off his collar. Therefore, I immediately requested animal control to come and scan for his microchip. However, before they arrived, Chico stealthily sneaked out of the police station, without anyone noticing.
Fortunately, he miraculously found his way back to his owner’s home and was safely reunited with his family. Overall, Chico’s little escapade was quite an adventurous one.

Martin shared on his Facebook post that the dog ran out of the station as fast as he appeared. The owner contacted them the following day, confirming that Chico, the name of the dog, was his and had already returned home, which was only a mile away from the station. Chico is definitely a good boy! If this story brought a smile to your face, don’t hesitate to share it.

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