Juno: The Feline Phenomenon with Unique and Funky Fur – Get to Know the ‘Angry Cat’

Introducing Juno – the cat with a permanent scowl on his face. But don’t be fooled by his grumpy expression, as Juno is actually a sweet and easy-going feline. His unique features give him a resting angry face, making him look like an irritated old man ready to scold you. Surprisingly, this has not put off his followers on Instagram, where he has amassed over 185,000 fans. In fact, his fans love him so much that they demanded he release his own merchandise, which he has now done. Juno’s owner, Dominique Teta, created his account after seeing how people reacted to him in person. According to Dominique, Juno looks unhappy most of the time, but that doesn’t stop him from being loved by many.

Dominique Teta, 21, holding grumpy cat Juno

Juno, a cat with an unusual breed, is surprisingly calm and not aggressive at all. The owners believe that his Himalayan mix breed might be the reason for his relaxed personality. While his mother is a brown point Himalayan, his father is said to be half Burmese and half Himalayan. The DNA test results are awaited to confirm this information. Although Juno’s fluffy fur makes him appear intimidating, he is actually very friendly. Interestingly, he was the only kitten in a litter, which is quite uncommon.

Juno the furious looking cat sitting on a table

Dominique describes Juno as a relaxed cat, despite his fierce appearance. He enjoys playing by himself at night and being near his humans for chin scratches. Although he rarely meows, he will do so when playing or if he hears an argument. Juno has gained a large following on Instagram, making Dominique a part-time social media influencer. She is amazed by the attention Juno receives and loves seeing people around the world wearing his merchandise.

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