Kindhearted Act: Woman Builds a “Feline Stairway” for Homeless Cats to Take Refuge in Harsh Climates

A woman from Turkey has come up with an ingenious way to help stray cats stay warm during the cold winter months. Sebnem Ilhan, a local dentist, built a “cat ladder” that leads into her home so that homeless cats can access a warm refuge. Ilhan was inspired to take action after seeing cats suffering in the freezing temperatures. Despite concerns about how her neighbors might react to the addition to her windows, Ilhan decorated the ladder with flower pots. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and countless cats have now taken advantage of the offer to rest in a warm place. This is not the only way Ilhan has helped animals in need; she also volunteers at a local rescue, caring for stray dogs and cats. Ilhan says that she wishes all animals could be happy, not just people, and hopes that no animal ever has to go hungry or thirsty.

She constructed a feline staircase which leads into her abode.

“I crafted a ladder to enable my feline companions to easily access my cozy abode.”

Ilhan was hesitant about adding something new to her property because she was unsure of how her neighbors would respond. To alleviate any potential concerns, she decided to place some decorations. Ilhan figured that adding some flower pots wouldn’t be an issue. To her surprise, the response from everyone, especially the neighborhood cats, has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Individuals who have utilized her generous offer of a cozy spot to take a break.”

Ilhan has gone beyond just creating a “cat ladder” to assist animals in need.

In addition to her regular routine, the lady generously donates her time to look after homeless dogs and cats at a nearby animal shelter.

She expressed her desire for all animals to be content and satisfied, without experiencing hunger or thirst. According to her, the world is not solely for human beings.

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