Left to Suffer: A Heartbreaking Tale of Abandonment and Injury

I received a call from someone seeking assistance for a severely injured dog that was unable to stand up. Whenever the dog attempted to get up, it would take a few steps and then fall back down. It was in a terrible state, and the cause of its injury was unknown. The dog seemed wet as if it had been in a river or some other source of water. We took the dog to the veterinarian where it was discovered that the dog had a low fever of 37 degrees Celsius.

“Currently, she’s indulging in some drinks, but it seems she’s dehydrated. Unfortunately, she has several wounds on her body. However, the vet has administered some comfortable liquids to ease her pain. Fortunately, I’ve brought along blankets and a thermophore in my vehicle.”

“I’m ensuring that she’s comfortable. She broke my heart, but I still want her to survive and make it through. It’s possible that she was hit by a car, which could be the reason for her condition. Someone threw her in the river. I’m staying with her, hoping for a miracle. Her name is Dara. Please keep her in your prayers.”

It was evident that the dog had an owner as there was a visible collar mark on her neck. It’s incomprehensible how someone could abandon an elderly canine like her. It’s highly likely that she spent her entire existence tied up on a chain. Thankfully, Dara seemed to be doing better, and she was also interested in eating and drinking water. I’m relieved that we found her in time.

It’s been a few days now, but the good news is that my furry friend is finally wagging her tail and willing to take short walks on her own. However, the medical tests have revealed some concerning issues – there’s water in her lungs and around her heart, and even though she’s dehydrated, we can’t put her on an IV because it could cause more strain on her lungs and potentially lead to death.

After undergoing different treatments for a while, Dara’s condition has significantly improved. I’m taking good care of her by giving her all the love she needs along with the veterinarian’s care. This is exactly what she needs to recover fully.

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