Loving Mother Dog Survives Train Accident and Continues to Nurture her 4 Pups

Witnessing the heartbreaking situation of stray dogs left to fend for themselves can bring tears to anyone’s eyes. Nonetheless, not all mother dogs possess the same bravery, resilience, and devotion towards their offspring like Si Bao does.

This canine experienced a heartless act of abandonment from its owner and went through a traumatic incident where a train crushed her hind legs. Si Bao’s life seemed bleak until she gave birth to four stunning and healthy puppies, who became the center of her world and gave her a reason to keep going.

Si Bao was able to regain her joy for life once she had children and she became determined to always keep a positive, resilient attitude in order to care for them. She walked around on two legs and kept a close eye on her little ones.

Si Bao, the mother dog who became a symbol of hope and survival, had a stroke of good fortune when Animals Asia, a nonprofit founded by Jill Robinson, rescued her family. The heroic canine was made an animal ambassador, and as a result, Si Bao was brought to the organization’s headquarters where she can now begin a new life with her surviving pup, Muddie. Si Bao has also been renamed Lelly, and the organization is planning to provide her with wheeled prosthetic legs to help her move around more easily. Sadly, three of Lelly’s four pups passed away due to a high fever, but Muddie remains her sole surviving offspring.

Lelly is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle as an ambassador for animal welfare in Asia. Despite being a small dog, Lelly has a resilient spirit that refuses to succumb to challenges.

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