Mischievous Little Sister: The Adventures of Lili the Cat

Little Sister Cat Lili is Surprisingly Naughty

If you’ve been following the Tiny Kitten channel on YouTube, you may have seen the adorable family of cats and kittens that live there. Among them is little sister cat Lili, who has a cute face and a surprisingly naughty streak.

In one video, Lili and her sister Fifi started play-fighting, but things quickly escalated into a real scuffle. That’s when sister cat Kiki stepped in as an arbiter to help break up the fight. But Lili didn’t seem to take the lesson to heart, as she soon picked another fight with brother Titi.

Despite her mischievous behavior, Lili is still beloved by her family and viewers alike. Her antics are just part of what makes her so endearing.

Meanwhile, the family is also keeping a close eye on mother cat Mimi’s health after she gave birth. They’ve had her checked by a veterinarian and are feeding her a highly nutritious recovery food to help her recover. Mimi is doing well and is currently separated from father cat Coco and the rest of the family, so she and her kittens can have some peace and quiet.

If you’re a cat lover, make sure to check out the Tiny Kitten channel on YouTube. You’ll get to see all the adorable moments – both good and naughty – from Lili and her family.

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