Purrfectly Overlooked: Rescue Center’s Quest to Find a Forever Family for Celebratory Kitty

Monique’s living space was simply breathtaking with its charming decorations and she was gifted with unique toys. Nonetheless, when the day of her long-awaited arrival finally came, no one showed up despite the shelter’s valiant efforts to spread the word throughout the community.


The shelter team had concerns that Monique’s Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) would make it difficult for her to be adopted quickly. Many assume that cats with FIV cannot be saved, given there is no cure for the virus. Nevertheless, cats living with FIV can lead joyful and healthy lives – just like HIV-positive humans.


If you’re considering adopting Monique, it’s important to ensure a safe and fun outdoor experience for her. This means securing your garden from other cats to prevent the spread of the virus. Keep in mind that FIV cannot be transmitted from cats to humans, so there’s no need to worry about that.


The shelter team is full of praise for Monique, as they describe her as a friendly and affectionate animal who loves to be around people. It’s really upsetting to see an animal like Monique looking for a new home, especially when she has such lovable qualities and would make a great pet.


As soon as the pictures from her private celebration hit the internet, they instantly gained attention and spread like wildfire. However, the shelter remained optimistic that the right person would stumble upon them eventually.


One evening, while watching the local news in London, Adnan came across a photo of Monique that instantly captured his heart. The adorable fluffy tabby caught his eye and he felt an immediate bond with her. Without hesitation, Adnan knew he wanted to adopt Monique and become her loving owner forever. He wasted no time in starting the adoption process to ensure they were the perfect fit for each other.


In no time at all, she had settled into her new place and Adnan couldn’t have been happier.


As per Adnan, he has been spending time with only Monique since March. He shared that this adorable cat loves to chat and demands treats whenever she wishes. Adnan also mentioned how Monique constantly stays by his side and shows her affection by nudging her head against him for scratches and snuggles.


Monique is absolutely thrilled with her new human companion, whom she knows will be her lifelong friend. Initially, she was so caught up in the excitement of cuddling with her owner that focusing on anything else was challenging. However, she has since discovered many cozy spots to relax in around the house and now prefers to receive affectionate scratches from her human. Our sincerest hope is that Monique and Adnan enjoy a joyous and enduring partnership!


According to a recent update from the animal shelter, there are still a lot of people who want to adopt the cat we featured earlier. However, we encourage them to consider giving another feline a loving home. The pictures we used were provided by Battersea and you can check out their Facebook page for more details. On a brighter note, a cat that was previously unwanted has found its forever home after spending 433 days in a shelter. If you’re looking for more heartwarming stories about cats and kittens, We Love Cats and Kittens is a great place to start. Don’t forget to share this story with others and leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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