“Resilient Mama Feline Overcomes Tough Delivery to Ensure Her Litter’s Safety”

In the beginning of spring, a pregnant cat appeared at our home, which we are in the process of renovating. Although we don’t live there full-time, we do have a camper on the property for overnight stays. Since the weather was still chilly, I allowed the cat to come inside and stay warm on nights when she wanted to. We made sure she had everything she needed, including food, water, and a litter box, and she had access to a shed if she preferred not to stay in the camper. This story was originally published on The Animal Rescue Site, so share your own rescue story for a chance to be featured on their blog!

Sandra Lothridge captured a photo of a cat that she welcomed into her home but soon disappeared. The cat was pregnant and Sandra made sure that the cat had a warm shelter inside their shed for colder days. However, after two days, the cat disappeared and Sandra assumed that the cat went back to its original home. But on the third day, the cat returned without being pregnant anymore. Sandra left some food and water for the cat and opened the camper door, so it could go out to care for its babies. When Sandra checked on the cat later, she reminded the cat to take care of its babies and continued with her work. If you have your rescue story, feel free to share it with us.

After a while, I heard a faint sound of a meow coming from under the sofa in our camper. Upon investigation, I found an adorable little kitten without her mother in sight. Shortly after, my husband entered with the feline’s mother and her second kitten. However, she also brought in the stillborn body of a third kitten and left it outside for us to see.

We decided to build a small wooden box and bury the deceased kitten. Despite her initial struggle, the mother appeared to be doing well after we took all three felines to the vet. The veterinarian informed us that she might not make it due to her difficult past, but she proved to be a fighter.

As time passed, the mother cat continued to care for her two remaining kittens, teaching them how to use the litter box and playing with them in a designated area. Every evening, she sat in my lap as her babies played around her.

As I held her in my arms, I noticed how weak and lethargic she appeared, prompting me to take her back to the vet. To our surprise, the vet informed us that she was still alive. We suspect that she hung on to life until she was sure that her babies would be loved, cared for, and given a home. It was heartbreaking when she passed away while resting on my lap. If only she had found us earlier, she might have had a longer and happier life. Her remains lay beside her offspring, while the other two kittens brought us joy and companionship. They are both healthy, happy, and loving – taking after their mother’s kind nature. The boy even sits on my lap just like his mom used to, whilst the girl adores my husband. They love accompanying us wherever we go.

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