“Samoyed dog accompanies elderly woman on trash collecting trips, never fails to bring a smile with two big bags of garbage”

This Samoyed dog lives with an elderly woman who lives alone, and every day it follows her around the neighborhood collecting garbage to earn money to support themselves. Despite having to help the woman carry heavy objects, the dog remains cheerful, loving life, and eager to work every day, rain or shine.

Every day, it follows its owner to collect empty bottles and cans, and you may spot it on various roads. Despite wandering around to make a living with its owner, it always wears a bright smile and its white fur stained with trash doesn’t stop people from calling it by its friendly nickname:
The Angelic Smiler.

It always sticks close to its owner no matter where they go, always ready to work without complaining or being lazy, and every day it collects a lot of cans and bottles. Despite such difficult circumstances, it is welcomed by everyone wherever it goes, with many people even bringing food to wait along the way for it to pass so that it can eat. As a result, it never goes hungry or loses weight.

Many people have expressed interest in buying the dog, but the owner cannot bear to part with it, even though they have been offered a large sum of money. The dog is like family to the owner, and they cannot imagine life without it. Despite the difficulties, the owner has never neglected the dog and the dog refuses to leave its owner’s side, no matter what challenges they may face.

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