Spooky Sighting: Unexplained Deserted Eggs Spark Unease and Confusion Across the Globe

The internet in Japan has gone crazy over peculiar photos resembling an extraterrestrial location containing countless eggs of the ominous Xenomorph species from the movie “Alien: Covenant”. However, the images are actually harmless and comical. If you recall Sigourney Weaver smashing Xenomorph eggs in the “Alien” franchise, the sight of these photographs may send shivers down your spine. The bizarre imagery appears surreal and beyond belief, but in reality, the pictures depict cabbage plants during the initial phase of spring, where the outermost leaves have decayed, giving these common vegetables a peculiar and amusing appearance. A Japanese farmer shared these odd pictures on Twitter, which instantly became viral among netizens.

Due to a successful vegetable harvest last year and a particularly warm winter in Japan, hot pot consumption has decreased, resulting in a decrease in the popularity of this type of cabbage. In response, some farmers have chosen not to harvest their cabbages and instead let them naturally decompose and enrich the soil. The frigid temperatures during winter nights can also cause the outer layers of vegetables to wilt, resulting in an unusual appearance.

A Twitter user who is a farmer made an interesting discovery when he noticed that the eggs he found on his farm resembled those from the movie Alien. Intrigued by the discovery, he shared pictures of them on social media, which caught the attention of many people.

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