The Delightful Tears of the Begonia Plant

Beautiful Weeping Begonia

It goes without saying that the weeping willow is the plant that most people associate with the term “weeping”. However, there are other plants such as the weeping begonia that are worth discussing. While there are various other plants like the silk begonia, weeping cherry, weeping plum, etc., the weeping willow has a special allure and is therefore more widely recognized.

As far back as the Tang Dynasty, Begonia has been referenced in the book “Hundred Flowers.” The term “Sea” signifies that this plant is not indigenous but was brought over from another country. The Tang is a type of tree that blooms without producing fruit, and it eventually transformed into a woody plant with stunning flowers and non-edible fruit.

As time passed, the begonia flower gained more admiration and affection. During the Song Dynasty, it was considered a prestigious tree in China and numerous types of begonias were developed through horticulture.

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