The Heart-Nosed Tale of Wiley, the Dalmatian: A Unique Beginning

Dalmatians are a famous dog breed known for their distinct look. They have been around for centuries, and evidence of their existence can be found in artwork from the 1600s. These lovable dogs have become pop culture icons over time, with movies like 101 Dalmatians contributing to their widespread fame. It’s easy to see why dalmatians have captured hearts – their friendly nature and striking appearance make them favorites as both working dogs and family pets.

Each dalmatian has its own unique characteristics, just like Wiley. This lovable pup became an online sensation after his Instagram account showcased his irresistible heart-shaped nose spot. Now, with over 122k followers, Wiley the Dalmatian is adored by his owner, 26-year old Lexi Smith, who describes him as a bundle of love weighing in at 54 pounds. In an interview with Bored Panda, Lexi shared that Wiley possesses a charming combination of goofiness, clumsiness, sassy behavior, hunger, cuddliness, curiosity, wildness, craziness, silliness, and happiness.

It’s impossible to capture the full essence of my best friend through pictures alone. Wiley, a Dalmatian, was born in Oklahoma and his litter usually consisted of 6 to 9 pups. When Lexi from Colorado met him on Saint Patrick’s Day in 2018, he had already developed his iconic spots after being born completely white. Although his heart-shaped spot on his nose caught her attention, it wasn’t the sole reason for her choice. Choosing among 11 puppies, with 8 of them being boys, Lexi was drawn to Wiley because he slept, snuggled and ate a lot, just like her. Even though Dalmatian spots change as they grow, she knew that she made the right decision.

Cozy as a tiny insect in a blanket.

The breed of Dalmatians is known for being high-energy and perfect for individuals who enjoy outdoor activities. Lexi claims that Wiley is full of life and personality! In fact, Wiley’s small frame contains more character than any other dog she has encountered.

Despite being a cuddle bug, Wiley’s Dalmatian instincts make him an active companion. Fortunately, Lexi states that they reside in a location that allows for ample opportunities to release all of Wiley’s wild exuberance!

Nose booping or tongue blepping.

According to Wiley, being cool is within reach of anyone, but becoming awesome takes effort and dedication. Don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up and share it with others.

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