The Heartbreaking Tale of a Malnourished Stray: Unable to Walk or Drink, This Pup Desperately Needs Our Help

Upon her arrival at the cat and dog rescue center in Granada, Spain, Barilla was in a terrible state. She was emaciated, had multiple internal issues, and her muscles were weak. To make matters worse, she was also paralyzed in one spot and couldn’t walk. The staff was extremely concerned about her chances of survival, especially since she only weighed 7.2kg. They knew that every second counted and that even being an hour late could cost Barilla her life.

The staff at the facility assisted Barilla, as she was unable to stand on her own by providing her with a prop which helped her build muscle strength. Before introducing any nutritious food, the team ensured that Barilla was well-hydrated for a continuous period of 6 hours. Barilla had scratches on all of her four legs due to crawling on the ground. Although Barilla was able to stand and drink water after receiving a water supply for six hours, she couldn’t maintain it for long.

Barilla, a dog who underwent a week of therapy and care, has gained 4kg. Despite this, the poor pup still struggles to stand or walk for extended periods and often falls. After six more weeks of proper nutrition, however, she was able to run and play like any other healthy dog. The staff caring for Barilla were very devoted to her wellbeing. Eduardo Rodriguez, the owner of the shelter, was so taken with Barilla that he decided to adopt her himself. She now lives with his family and five other dogs in their home on the outskirts of Granada.

After spending months on the streets, Barilla finally has a place to call her own. Anh Rodriguez recently adopted her and it was his first time adopting a dog since losing one of his own in an accident five years ago. He was drawn to Barilla’s incredible drive to survive and felt an immediate connection with her. From the start, they have been inseparable and very affectionate towards each other.

Barilla’s recovery has been amazing to witness. Since being rescued, she has been eating 5-6 meals a day and gaining an impressive 1kg per day. Her weight has already reached 20.8 kg and she is almost fully healed. Anh Rodriguez is happy to provide her with a loving home and is grateful for the bond they share.

Barilla, a young pup of around ten months, was found by the locals who promptly informed the rescue center and the police about her condition. The poor dog was in an extremely miserable state when she was rescued. Authorities are currently investigating who could have subjected the innocent animal to such cruelty.

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