The “pocket” kitty is thrilled to finally have a loving home

This is the story of how an 11-year-old kid saved the life of a little kitty by giving her the home she desperately needed.

The kitten needed a foster home, and animal rights activists had already briefed the kitty. Alyssa Smith (co-founder of the animal rights non-profit) says, “The young kid was incredibly little. He’s probably around four weeks old, but he’s about the size of a one-week-old.”

The poor kitty was in bad condition when rescued and was only half as big as it should have been. But it was also extremely cute and cuddly.

An 11-year-old boy and his mom offered to help with foster care. They didn’t realize how tiny it was until they held it in their hands.

The boy’s mother said that, “He was just 240 grams, half the size it was meant to be, and the corners were a little rough.” She and her son named it ‘Fluffy,’ after a mouse seeing how it looked so similar to one.

They were kind enough to give the pocket kitty a nice shower and took turns in feeding him every couple of hours.

Fluffy loves to jump onto the human’s shoulders and purr, but louder than expected for its size.

“He likes to perch on my shoulder and look around,” said Erin, the mother.

“When he doesn’t doze off, doesn’t caress, and doesn’t eat, he sits on someone’s shoulder and feels like the master of the situation.”

Once the kitten found its family, the love, attention, and loving care, it finally began to gain some weight.

Despite being fairly little, he makes up for it through his lively personality. As soon as he found out how to use his four legs, he began running and jumping out of excitement.

“All he wants to do is run over the shoulder next to him. What else do you need besides his purr and caress?” Erin says.

“He’s a real gem, and we know that over time he’ll turn into a beautiful daond.” says the mother.

Erin adds, “He adores hanging out with our adopted kittens and seemed to enjoy looking after them.”

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