“The Tale of a Resilient Pup: How a Salivary Tumor Failed to Break His Spirit Despite Abandonment by Negligent Owners”

A delightful dog is now getting the medical attention he needs after his previous guardians ignored his large salivary tumor for an astounding six years. The Long Way Home rescue team shared that Jake was very much loved by his former family, but unfortunately, they neglected to seek medical help when his facial growth started to appear.

The owners of Jake, a dog with a salivary tumor, claimed that it had been present for six years and attributed it to a snake bite. Despite being an indoor dog, Jake has excellent behavior, is trained in toilet habits, interacts well with other dogs, and can even perform the shake command. This information was provided by the organization.

Cribs for Canines started advocating for Jake’s family to surrender him so that he could receive the necessary veterinary care after he was found wandering in an isolated Texas area last week. He is currently receiving treatment in Waco, and his condition has improved significantly after a significant amount of fluid was drained. The organization expressed its gratitude towards the personnel at Texas Animal Medical Center in Waco, particularly Dr. Lide and his team, for their exceptional treatment of Jake, who had 1200cc of salivary fluid drained from his neck. Check out the final two pictures to witness the drastic change!

Jake, for the first time in six years, was able to move his head without any difficulty. Despite not being guaranteed a full recovery, dedicated individuals are putting in their utmost efforts to make sure that he has the greatest possible chance of regaining his health. Jake is currently eating and defecating normally, and seems to be in good health overall. To keep up with the progress made by his rescuers, follow them on Facebook.

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