“The Unbreakable Bond of a Spirited Kitten and Her Feline Friend”

One day, a small kitten with a lot of chatter approached another kitten and formed an unbreakable bond.

An animal shelter in North Carolina received a small calico kitten along with her siblings. The kitten was lagging behind in terms of development and was the only one who needed round-the-clock bottle feedings. Fortunately, the founder of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, Sarah Kelly, was approached to take care of the kitten as another rescue organization did not have the necessary facilities for bottle feeding. Hence, they immediately picked up the kitten named Cinco or Cici, as she arrived on Cinco de Mayo. Though Cici was small enough to fit in one’s palm, she had a lot of growing up to do. Upon arriving at the shelter, she was vocal about her desire to be loved and fed, making it clear how grateful she was to be taken in.

Cici experienced a new level of comfort as she drifted off to sleep with a satisfied tummy. She was grateful for the cozy bed that enveloped her and made her feel safe and secure. Whenever Sarah came in with a bottle, Cici’s cries would quiet down into tiny squeaks as she relished the delicious food. She would eagerly stretch up on her toes to receive gentle head scratches from her loving foster mom. With a full belly, Cici would happily settle onto her plush blanket, purring contentedly as she kneaded away in joyful bliss. This was a life she had never known before, and she cherished every moment of it.

In the succeeding days, Cici exhibited remarkable growth and her distinctive personality began to blossom. She remained talkative and animated, frequently sharing with her foster parent about the events of her day, while receiving full attention and care. It was apparent that she exuded poise and self-assurance, yet retained her delicate and prudent demeanor, resembling a regal young princess who always marched to her own tune.

After Cici was declared medically fit to socialize with other felines, she moved into a roomy area where she met some new foster friends. One of them was an adorable tuxedo cat named Gaia who strutted around confidently, seemingly without a care in the world. Much like Cici, Gaia was also rescued as a lone kitten, so she was ecstatic to have other playful kitties her age to romp around with.

The calico cat casually approached her and chose to cuddle, as if they were siblings from the same litter. Even though there were other cats to hang out with, Cici enjoyed following Gaia around and staying close to each other.
According to Sarah from Love Meow, “Cici and Gaia hit it off right away! They spent a lot of time napping and playing together.”

While the other kittens were occupied with their hyperactive play, making a lot of noise, Cici always opted to approach her foster mom with great enthusiasm. She prefers to observe the other kittens from a comfortable seat on someone’s lap or shoulder and participate in a more delicate manner. Her demeanor sets her apart from the others, as she is a petite diva in her own right.

As soon as Cici was ready for adoption, she expressed her desire to be adopted with her best friend as they were inseparable. Recently, their wish finally came true when an amazing couple visited them and decided to adopt them both. It’s such a joy to see them being adopted together and we couldn’t be happier for them. These two lovely girls have a bright future ahead in their new forever home.

Cookie and Cici, who now goes by the name Gaia, will embark on new adventures together in their fresh home, where they’ll provide endless happiness and enjoyment with their purring.

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Origin: lovemeow.com

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