“Unexpected Savior: Person Finds Cat and Four Kittens in Basement Laundry Basket of Vacant Home”

While cleaning a vacant house, someone stumbled upon a cat and her four kittens in a laundry basket in the basement. The person contacted Lori White, a volunteer for Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO), an animal rescue organization in Indiana, to seek help for the feline family.

The cleaner who was hired to tidy up a property stumbled upon an unbelievable sight in the basement. In the laundry basket, there was a mama cat and her little ones. Unfortunately, there was no sign of food or water anywhere in the house. Lori recounted this heart-wrenching story to Love Meow, stating that the property was locked with a lockbox, making it difficult to determine how long the felines had been left alone.

After discovering a needy cat and her litter, the discoverer quickly took charge to ensure their safety and well-being. Without hesitation, she gathered them up and provided food and shelter until she could locate a suitable rescue center for them. The mother cat was extremely thin and in dire need of nourishment, but showed enthusiasm at the prospect of receiving sustenance and a clean space for herself and her little ones. She eagerly consumed as much food as she could before exploring her new surroundings and settling down to attend to her four demanding kittens.

The kittens were found to be in excellent condition, indicating that their mother had been taking excellent care of them. The individual who discovered them contacted the nearby animal shelter, and ARPO came forward to assist. “She delivered them to me, and I was grateful that she took the effort to assist them and took steps to keep them safe,” Lori said to Love Meow.

Upon arrival, the friendly tabby cat wasted no time in exploring her new surroundings. Shortly after, she called out to her kittens for their snack time, filling the room with a delightful purring and suckling symphony. To Lori’s surprise, all four kittens were female orange tabbies, prompting her to name them Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Goldie (after their mother) in honor of the Golden Girls. Lori was thrilled to learn that having four female ginger cats is quite rare, with only about 20% of gingers being female, making this litter even more special. She couldn’t resist the Golden Girls theme, with Momma Goldie Girl and her Golden Girls.

Mama Goldie is doing great without a microchip and no one seems to be looking for her. Her family of five is flourishing and they don’t have to worry about food anymore. The four babies are quite lively and always up to some mischief, with Dorothy being the most affectionate and seeking cuddles from their human caretakers.

The little ones are full of energy and curiosity, always exploring the world around them. Their mischievous tendencies keep their mother on her toes, but she handles it all with grace and care. Goldie is an amazing mom who takes great care of her babies, tending to their every need with patience and love.

At the age of five weeks, the kittens have not yet weaned from their mother and still nurse whenever they get a chance. Their mother, Goldie, takes good care of them and keeps them incredibly clean. As a result, they all have adorable round bellies. Goldie is happy to have a cozy home and caretakers to help look after her precious litter of four.

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