“Unforgettable Rescue: A Baby Elephant Reunites with its Herd in Arabuko-Sokoke Forest”

The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest had a touching story to tell about one of its smallest residents facing a difficult predicament that would move anyone. This forest, located a short distance from Malindi and Kalifi towns in Kenya, is a sanctuary for many endangered animals, including a notable group of elephants.

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We are delighted to support the Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Forest Service in their unwavering commitment to preserve this valuable ecosystem. On January 4th, a young elephant found itself in a tricky situation – it had accidentally slipped into a watering hole and was unable to extricate itself.

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The mother elephant was distressed and keeping a close eye on her calf while the older sibling stood nearby, also worried. We were working hard with KWS and Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke to prevent poaching and realized that the situation was urgent. Unfortunately, the mother elephant was very protective and made it difficult for anyone to come close enough to provide assistance.

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Luckily, the intervention of KWS proved to be a lifesaver in this heartwarming rescue operation. Due to an urgent conflict between humans and wildlife, the SWT helicopter was unavailable for this operation. However, the KWS helicopter, with a vet on board, arrived from Nairobi just in time. The KWS pilot skillfully avoided any harm to the mother elephant and calmly moved her away from the water trough without the need for sedation. This allowed the rescue team from the Trust to safely lift the baby elephant out of the trough, while the KWS helicopter provided crucial support. As the rescue unfolded, everyone present held their breath, watching with admiration as the teams successfully pulled off this delicate and compassionate ballet.

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Next, picture a heartwarming moment as the mother and older sibling run to hug their little one, setting a touching tone for the start of the year. Despite obstacles, the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest serves as a reminder of the steadfast perseverance and devotion of those devoted to safeguarding our planet’s innate treasures. This incredible rescue is a tribute to both the unwavering spirit of these majestic animals and the human resolve to care for and treasure them.

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