“Unveiling the Instagram Fame of Artemis and Apollo: Meet the Dynamic Duo with an Enormous Fan Base!”

Reka and Peter’s furry companions, Artemis and Apollo, have a significant social media presence on Instagram with more than 117,000 followers. They recently published their first book, which is a personal account of their lives and experiences, along with a calendar, and explored Scotland for their upcoming publication. In the year ahead, they have modeling gigs and public appearances planned, indicating that they are not slowing down anytime soon. Reka believes that Artemis and Apollo have intentions to rule the world, but her plans are focused on finishing the Scottish book. This is a vast project that includes a photo comic with hundreds of stunning images that follow the two felines as they embark on their quest for the medieval ‘sacred catnip.’ It is a mystical treasure hunt with comedic moments.

Looking ahead to the summer, we’re excited for our upcoming second trip to Scotland where we plan to capture even more stunning photographs. We learned from our mistakes during our first visit and hope to turn this into a series if all goes well. Our future travels will take us to Wales, Ireland, and England. While now a proud cat mom to Artemis and Apollo, Reka was raised with dogs and previously owned a beloved ferret named Clark Snow who unfortunately passed away in 2014. Devastated by the loss of her furry companion, Reka found solace in Jonesy ‘the O2 cat’ who appeared in TV campaigns due to his impressive Maine Coon appearance.

Reka expresses her fondness for Maine Coons due to their unique physical features, including their larger size, distinctive faces, and ear tufts. Her preference for an interactive cat companion led her to adopt two feline friends, Artemis and Apollo, who keep each other company during her frequent travels. As for their initial meeting, it remains unclear whether the cats hit it off right away.

Artemis and Apollo are two foster brothers named after the Greek gods of the moon and sun based on their respective fur colors. Artemis arrived first, followed by his younger “redheaded” brother Apollo a few weeks later. According to their foster parent, Reka, it took a few days for the two to get used to each other, with Artemis initially hissing at Apollo. However, Artemis eventually took on the role of a big sister and taught Apollo proper litter box use and grooming techniques. Although Apollo sometimes plays rough, the two are incredibly close and attached to each other. They even accompany each other on vet visits and “meow forward” jobs, much to the amusement of others. The two cats gained fame on Instagram, but their journey started with this heartwarming story of brotherly love.

Reka created a couple’s Instagram account featuring their cats as a joke, but was surprised at how quickly it gained popularity. The cats gained 80,000 followers in the first year and have continued to grow steadily since then. However, what matters more to Reka is the warmth and support they receive from long-term supporters who regularly like and comment on their posts. Artemis and Apollo bring joy to people, and it makes it all worth it when people say that their photos make their day or helped them through tough times. Although not formally trained, Reka sees the cats as role models since they were kittens. With patience and some tuna treats, they are willing to participate in photo shoots. The only challenge is getting them to look in the same direction, which is where feather toys come in handy.

When it comes to cats, taking pictures is just another fun activity. I particularly enjoy capturing outdoor shots because natural lighting brings out the true beauty of their fur. My feline friends, Artemis and Apollo, are well-behaved and never run away from us, even when they’re not on leashes. They know they can always come to us for comfort and safety. It’s especially fun to photograph Maine Coons in adventurous settings because they have traits similar to wild cats. In fact, when I shared a photo of Artemis claiming to have spotted a lynx in the wild, some people actually believed it! Despite their exciting lives, cats make great companions and love human interaction. They often follow us from room to room and ask for attention by nudging us. But they also enjoy alone time and like to retreat to a quiet corner to meditate and recharge. Then, they’ll come back to see what we’re up to and may even poke fun at us by sitting on the keyboard while we work.

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