Upon learning about the puppy’s terrible illness, the dog’s owners dedicated the remaining time of the dog to give him the most wonderful time at the end of his life.

A young couple, Corinne and Alex Martin, decided to get a pet for themselves. They considered several dog breeds, but ultimately chose a golden retriever. They brought home a beautiful girl from the kennel and named her Lily.

At first, the puppy behaved like a normal healthy dog, happily running around the house and playing with toys. However, after three months, the couple noticed that Lily started having frequent accidents. After a visit to the veterinarian, they discovered that Lily had a serious kidney condition called kidney dysplasia. At the end of the examination, the vet further saddened Corinne and Alex by informing them that the puppy would not live for more than a year.

The couple was devastated by the news, but they decided that since Lily had so little time left, they would make sure she lived the best life possible. For the sake of their beloved pet, they moved from the United States to the Hawaiian Islands, where their furry companion enjoys a paradise-like dog life. Lily rides the waves on a surfboard or simply swims in the ocean, drinks her favorite “puppichino” beverage that tastes like cappuccino, and basks in the sun.

Lily enjoyed swimming so much that she hardly ever gets out of the water, and her owners nicknamed her the “sea dog.”

The puppy’s illness didn’t go away, despite undergoing acupuncture and massage treatments. Due to frequent urination at night, she has to wear diapers while sleeping. But despite this and the veterinarian’s pessimistic prognosis, Lily has already lived four happy years. During this time, the couple became parents to an adorable daughter and a robust son. The fluffy pet was able to become a wonderful nanny to the children.

This is the kind of wonders that true love and care can create.


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