“Wheel-Equipped Husky Becomes Popular Model: Born with Two Feet Only”

Meet Maya, an exquisite Husky with a unique quality that sets her apart from the rest of her canine companions. Unfortunately, Maya’s life began on a bumpy road, largely due to a congenital limitation she was born with. The adorable pup lacked all four of her paws, making it challenging for her to execute even the simplest movements, let alone engage in activities such as running and playing like other dogs.

Maya faces multiple health issues that pose difficulties in her daily life. Along with a degenerative condition impacting her hips, she also grapples with a bone disorder that severely restricts her mobility.

Despite the numerous challenges she faced, Maya refused to give up. Her unwavering determination and resilience were her greatest assets, making her an unstoppable force. This tenacious and lovable Husky has proven time and again that she is indeed a fighter.

Despite the pessimistic prognosis given by veterinarians, Maya was fortunate enough to find a loving forever home with a compassionate woman named Kit. After discovering Maya on Facebook, Kit was immediately smitten with her and resolved to take her in. Thanks to a specially designed mobility aid and plenty of affectionate attention from her new caregiver, Maya defied the odds and emerged from her challenges with an undaunted spirit.

Without a doubt, she rocks a flower crown better than anyone else. And have you ever seen a dog that looks so natural in front of the camera? In fact, she poses better than most humans I’m acquainted with. Check out her stunning photos!

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